Angel and I spent most of Saturday cleaning the boat.  Sorry I did not get any pictures of us cleaning.  The Aft Cabin, and head are clean and ready to go.  

Nothing To Plunder


The first majpr job, was to install four new batteries weighing 75 LBS a piece.    What a shame the only place to squeeze your body into while you remove and replace the batteries would not fit a 12 year old.

It took about 3 hours and a little help from a friend (Thanks again Bill!), but  the new batteries are in.   After I installed the batteries, I had to check the  engines, both engines and the generator started.  Only ran them for 2 seconds each, but it felt good to her them run.

The diesel cleaning is scheduled for the week of April 18th, and I have a company scheduled to come  and steam clean the carpets and the furmiture on Friday. The  price was so good  it would not make sense for me to do them  myself.

I also found enclosure for the bridge.  It looks like it has never been  used.