Nothing To Plunder

Getting A Washer/Dryer Unit

One of my long term goals for the boat was to get a washer/dryer.  I posted on a Sea Ray forum asking if anyone knew where the washer/dryer was installed on the 440 Aft Cabin, with my layout.  Not only did I get a response, but the guy asked if I bought one yet.  He had one for sale for $150.  

The price was perfect, but it was located in Florida, and way to big and heavy to ship.  Lucky for me I have friends that have a house in Florida that drive back and forth a couple time a year (Thank you Tim and Katie).

It was not easy getting into the boat, taking apart everything I needed to get it in place.  But with Bill, Sean  and Joe's help I got it in and installed.  

Of course with my luck, it only lasted a year and being a very old model, the parts were very expensive to get.  So I broke down and bought a brand new unit.  I hope I never have to install this again.